Bird Flu in Agra: Agra clouds are also in trouble, this foreign bird is at risk of bird flu

Bird Flu in Agra: Agra clouds are also in trouble,

this foreign bird is at risk of bird flu

Bird Flu in Agra At present, a large number of migratory birds and residential birds exist along with bar-headed geese in Agra. It is also worrying that Agra is on the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

After Corona, bird flu knock in the country has shocked everyone. The process of killing of crows from Jaipur and Jhalabar in Rajasthan has started and the death of migratory birds has reached Himachal Pradesh. Thousands of birds have died in 14 states of India including migratory birds. But due to the death of migratory bird bar-headed swan in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, there has been a cloud of bird flu outbreak in Agra.However, the state government has issued advisory and guided monitoring and vigilance. Diwakar Srivastava, who was posted as Deputy Conservator of Forest in the National Chambal Century Project, said that all reservoirs including Ketham Lake are being monitored so that they can be dealt with immediately in case of any untoward situation.

Bar-headed Goose is present in large numbers in Agra

Bird Specialist Dr. According to KP Singh, president of the Biodiversity Research and Development Society, an Indian biodiversity study, the Otopsi report of a dead bar-headed goose in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, confirms the avian Infanzua HHN1, which is a concern. This virus also has a fatal effect on humans. However, avian Influenzua H5N8 virus was found in dead birds of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.Thousands of migratory bird ammo are present in Agra on the banks of Yamuna River, Ketham Lake, Jodhpur Jhal. Bar-headed swans live in large groups, which in the event of infection would threaten the lives of thousands of migratory birds, including bar-headed swans. Currently, Agra has a large number of migratory birds and residential birds with bar-headed swans.It is also a matter of concern that Agra borders Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Thousands of migratory birds are present in the Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur and the Chambal River area near Agra. Both states are going through a bird flu crisis.

Bar-headed goose are migratory birds coming from Tibet and Ladakh.

Dr. According to KP Singh, bar-headed goose is also called white goose. It comes to migrate to northern and southern India in winter. It is a vegetarian bird and its main food is the sprouted wheat crop. The size of bar-headed goose is 70–80 cm and weighs from two to three kilograms. It is the world’s highest flying bird that can also fly at an altitude of about 8400 meters. Flight speeds are up to 300 km per hour.Its blood hemoglobin contains a special amino acid. This acid helps them to stay in very cold places. Females lay 4-6 eggs and a child is born in 25 to 30 days. Children become airworthy in 55 days. Without flying for eight hours, they fly from Tibet and cross the high hills of the Himalayas to come to India. After March, these birds cross the Himalayas at a height of about 8000 meters and return to their habitat again.

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