Haryana Government Recruitment Bumper recruitment will be done in government jobs in Haryana, employees will also get promotion

Haryana Government Recruitment New year 2024 has brought new hopes for the youth of Haryana. There will be bumper recruitment in government jobs in the state this year. Along with this, the workload of government employees will also be reduced and they will get the gift of promotion. State government employees will no longer have to wait for Assured Career Promotion (ACP) in the new year.

ACP hangs for three months, then employees will automatically get the prescribed pay scale

If the ACP for eight, 18 and 24 years is not decided in three months, then the employees will automatically get the benefit of deemed grant of ACP pay scale. At the same time, in order to reduce the workload on the employees, this year there is a preparation to recruit about 35 thousand posts and complete the backlog (vacant posts of reserved quota). Apart from this, 145 posts of Haryana Civil Service (HCS) and Allied Service will also be recruited.

In fact, the ACP is mandatory for the last ten years of the relevant employee for the ACP to be met at fixed intervals. In most cases, the employee has to wait longer for the second and third ACP pay scales before the ACR is not ready. Now such arrangements are being made in ARMS that if the eligible employee does not get the benefit of ACP within three months of the due date then the order of deemed grant of ACP pay scale will be issued automatically.

Record of 145 vacancies ranging from Group A to Group D, 145 HCS will also be collected

There is a lot of work pressure in government departments, board-corporations and government companies struggling with staff shortage. This is also affecting the functioning of offices. To deal with this, the state government has asked all the departments to send the demand letter to the Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) and Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) after citing the details of vacant posts from Group A to Group D.

In order to speed up recruitment, a common test has been arranged by registering the youth once. For transparency in transfers, online transfer system will be implemented by April in all departments with more than 300 staff.

To deal with the shortage of officers, the General Administration Department has recommended HPSC to recruit 145 posts of HCS and Allied Services. The examination will be conducted by March for recruitment. Based on the recommendations of various departments, the HPSC) can start the process of taking applications anytime after getting the letter from the Chief Secretary’s office.

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