Know the full story behind Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky feature.

Know the full story behind Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky feature.

Google Feeling Lucky feature of Google search – a feature of Google which is given on its home page. But it is of little use. Know about it.

If you have used Google search, we sincerely hope that you have noticed that I am feeling lucky. It is given on the Google search home page. Two options are found below the Google search box. The first is Google Search and the second I’m Feeling Lucky.

What is the full story of I’m Feeling Lucky, when did it begin and what is its use? Does this harm Google? We will tell you all this. Many of you will already be aware of this story, but those who are not, should know it.

You have a big advantage in choosing the option of I’m Feeling lucky. As soon as you select any query or keyword in the search box by selecting I’m feeling lucky, Google Direct will take you to the page of the first search result related to that query That is, you will not see any kind of advertisement or other search results.

For example, if you write aajtak in the Google search box and I am feeling lucky, you will come directly to our website. But if you just click on Google search, you will get millions of search results. From the news of our website to the handle of YouTube will also be seen in it.

US $ 110 million loss?

In 2007, Google co-founder Sergey Brin said in an interview that 1% of Google search traffic goes to the I’m feeling lucky button and bypasses other search results and ads.

From this, it was estimated that due to this button, Google is losing US $ 110 million (8.03 billion rupees) in annual revenue. Because after clicking any search query I’m feeling lucky, direct leads to the first result and in such a situation no advertisement appears. You all will know that Google’s big source of income is advertising.

In 2007, Google Search was headed by Marissa Mayer, who later became the CEO of Yahoo. When he was asked about the damage caused by the I’m Feeling lucky button, he gave an interesting answer. Marissa Mayer said, ‘It is possible to be more dry and more corporate to earn more money. I think the happiest thing about I’m Feeling Lucky is that this feature reminds me that you are all real people ‘

I’m feeling lucky Google is a very old feature and was also removed in 2010. There was a button, but this feature was removed, because then Google Instant was introduced. Since then, I’m feeling lucky has not been the importance that was before, because now Google Instant works before Google home page and you may not notice at times I’m feeling lucky.

But after this, this function was started again. But the question is from which sense Google has written this I’m feeling lucky. That is, there must have been something, because of which this option was added to the search engine I’m feeling lucky?

Is a film by Hollywood legend actor and direct Clint Istwood. Its name is Dirty Harry. This film was made in 1971. This film is a scene where Clint Istwood is about to shoot at a man and before that he asks Do you feel lucky Punk? Well, Do you ?. Is this feature of Google taken from here? Nothing was ever said from Google about where this line came from.

It is believed that when the Google search engine started, both the founders of the company – Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted to make it look different from other search engines. At that time, other search engines dominated and there were many advertisements.

With a single click, the company started feeling feeling lucky with the aim of giving users direct results.

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