Live🔴 PM Modi said- We move towards the world’s largest vaccination program, we have prepared not one but two Covid vaccines.

PM Modi said, ‘Today India is among the countries of the world which have their own navigation system. Today, it has taken another step. The Indian director has been released today. This will encourage our industry to make quality products. ‘

– The Prime Minister said – We have to ensure that the products made in India have the best quality and have global acceptance. These new standards will help in identifying the local products of the districts across the country on a global scale. The better the quality of our products, the stronger the economy of the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi – The country is completing 75 years of its independence in the year 2024 and in 2047 we will have 100 years of independence. In the meantime, we have to move forward in formulating new standards keeping in mind the new resolutions of self-reliant India.

-PM said, ‘Scientists in India have succeeded in developing not one but two Made in India Kovid vaccines. The world’s largest Kovid vaccine program is going to start in India. For this the country is very proud of its scientists’ contribution.

Today, our youth are trying to know about institutions like CSIR, that’s why I would like CSIR scientists to share their experiences with the youth of the country. This will help in creating a new generation of young scientists in the country🔴 PM

The Conclave, being organized by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-National Physical Laboratory (CSIR-NPL), New Delhi, completes 74 years of its founding. The PM announced this on Twitter on Sunday. He tweeted, ‘National Metrology Conclave will be inaugurated at 11 am, January 4. The National Atomic Timescale and Indian director Dravya will be dedicated to the nation. The foundation of the National Environmental Standards Lab will also be laid.

Explain that the National Atomic Timescale gives the Indian standard time with an accuracy of 2.8 nano seconds. The Indian director will cooperate in laboratory testing and measurement to ensure quality in accordance with the material standards. At the same time, the National Environmental Standards Laboratory will assist in self-sufficiency in the certification of ambient air and industrial emission monitoring devices. Union Minister of Science and Technology, Earth Sciences and Dr. Harsh Vardhan will also be present on the occasion.

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