OpinionWorld affiliate program

OpinionWorld affiliate program

OpinionWorld is an online review forum maintained and operated by Survey Sampling International, LLC (“SSI”). SSI is a leading global provider of buyer connection and assumption organizations. More than 3,000 organizations in general use SSI to gain knowledge to develop their business. SSI has 40 years of participation and each year 32,000,000 summaries are completed. SSI has some study boards reminiscent of Your Voice for India.

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Additional Information for OpinionWorld (NZ) CPL Affiliate Program

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Recurrence in real time

Duration of treatment 30 days.

Web – Available

Versatile web available

Advancement methods

Text link allowed

Pennant – Allowed

Email (text) allowed

Personalized email (text) allowed

Email (HTML) allowed

Custom Email (HTML) – Allowed

SMS allowed

POP traffic not allowed

Local ads not allowed

Web-based media not allowed

Facebook Ads Not Allowed

SEM brand keywords not allowed

SEM generic keyword not allowed

SEM – Brand and Generic Keywords – Not Allowed

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